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7 February 2016

Experiments in making Luthier Spool Clamps

Yesterday I was desperate to do something... anything. It seemed like a good day to start my spool clamp project.

In case you're wondering what a spool clamp is... Take a look at this picture of Bill Loveless's spool clamps from Jake Jacobson's wonderful book: Hearts & Hands. A spool clamp is basically a couple of wooden spools on either end of a carriage bolt.

6 February 2016

How to make Sushi

I've been threatening to have a go at making sushi at home for a while now. Eventually, after many false starts, I can finally say that I've done it and it was a roaring success! I think this might be my first ever post on food. Ha ha! Let me reveal the secrets to my sushi success...

Somehow, in my sticky-fingered state, I managed to switch my camera to taking square pictures. How Arty! Here is some of the sushi my daughter made to her own special recipe.