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26 April 2015

Highwayman Banjo: Terminado!

I've finished! The build is done! Woohoo!

I had one last job to do last night before fitting it all back together...

Raise your glasses to the Highwayman Banjo! 

25 April 2015

Highwayman Banjo: Varnish and be done!

I'm drawing to the end of my Highwayman Banjo build! I've been at this for at least a year now and I'm almost done. I can't quite believe it. Today I set out to do the final shaping of the neck. It took a while, but I got it done with time to spare...

I don't have any shaping pictures for you. Here's me having cleaned the neck down with white spirit. The wood looks quite dark due to it still being a little damp. This was the first hint of how the wood was going to turn out with varnish on. Looking good! I had high hopes.

I didn't plan to do any banjo building today, but was forced into it when I realised that  I was starting to mark the wood by playing it unfinished.

The mahogany sanded down a treat. It really does make a difference to the feel of the banjo knowing that I'm not going to spike myself with a splinter