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20 April 2014

Ein, Zwei, Die!

It doesn't seem like 5 minutes ago that I was posting chapter 3 in my comic story. Well, what do you know... I'm sharing chapter 4 with you now! This is the penultimate chapter in the book and I'm experimenting with all sorts of new things. I have a pretty good idea of how this tale with end, but I'll keep this to myself for now. If this is your first time stumbling across this story, then I'd urge you to go right back to the start... it might make more sense that way ;-)

12 April 2014

More Dreaming about Building a Banjo

I've been spending more time wondering whether I've got what it takes to make a banjo. For the main part this has meant hours on the internet and lots of little scribbles on scraps of paper as I try to gather my thoughts. Let me try and explain some of what's been going through my head...

Fiction and reality are beginning to overlap. I wonder if this picture will make its way into my new comic? We'll just have to wait and see!