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15 September 2014

The Hunt

I'm pleased to announce that I've drawn up chapter 3 of the new "Dead Hand" comic. I present to you "The Hunt", a tale of brooding maleficence. This was storyboarded a couple of months ago and I see now a small sync with a recent post I wrote about "The Hunter". What is it with all this hunting I wonder?

I've had a lot of fun pulling this one together and quite by accident, I've done it in record time. Things are coming together nicely both in terms of overall plot and artwork. I haven't been afraid to mix it up here and there so hopefully this will keep things interesting for you. As always I'll add the disclaimer that these are the drafts and they may need to change ;-)

I reckon that this is my favourite chapter so far!

Give me your feedback good or bad; You know that it is always very much appreciated.


10 September 2014

El Malparido

Oh, what a lot of fun I'm having at the moment! I'm reading comics like they're going out of fashion. Go and check out some of my recent posts if you want to get a hint of what I'm reading and my thoughts on them.

I noticed yesterday that August has been a huge month for downloads of my free comic "Bad Moon". I've only mustered a couple of reviews to date, but what's been written has been great! I'm waiting for the bomb-blast review to happen... it's only a matter of time! Ha ha. Grab your tin hats!

Today's post is chapter 2 in the third comic. Is this all making sense yet?

Oh, one thing before I show you the chapter...

I was honoured a couple of months ago when UKUkee published an interview he did with me on his blog. I remember this being pulled together at the end of the longest hardest day at the end of the longest hardest week. I was sooo tired! Thanks to UKUkee magic, it all turned out pretty well! Be sure to go read the interview and drop UKUkee a comment. Warning: the interview has nothing to do with comics... and everything to do with making ukuleles! Thank you UKUKee! I'm not worthy!