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7 May 2016

Pimping my Mandolin

It can only have been a month or so ago that I found a mandolin at the tip. Yes... FOUND! Wahay! What are the odds of that happening? I was chucking some wood into the skip and something shiny caught my eye. It looked like a small guitar nestled amid the rotting timber. I plucked it out, and after a 2 second inspection I was marching it off to my car. I've wanted a mandolin for the longest time... and now I finally have my hands on one!

Here it is... an Eros M1 Mandolin. There's wasn't much wrong with it when I got it home; It had a few minor scuffs here and there, a missing fret dot, and the strings needed changing. The biggest real problem was that the nut had broken. My final assessment was that it wasn't going to take much to get this playable again.

3 April 2016

How to make digital calipers

Run, Forrest, Run!

There are callipers and then then there are calipers. The ones I'm interested in today are of the digital variety and used to measure things. Specifically, I want some digital calipers to help me get the thickness right for the top and bottom of my up-coming archtop guitar build project. The idea is that I can use my new tool to measure the thickness of the wood, thereby removing yet one more excuse for me buggering it all up.

Let's backtrack a little bit. This digital caliper project has been on the boil for quite some time. Remember when I made the c-clamps recently? I talked about how I thought that the comb joints I was using for the clamps would work perfectly for a digital caliper. And indeed it did. What I might not have told you at the time was that I cut the wood for the caliper project at the same time that I cut the wood for the clamp project. Crafty eh! Ha ha.