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14 November 2015

When I'm Cleaning Windows

I'm feeling pretty shit having watched the horrific tragedy unfold in Paris over the past day. Don't worry, I won't dwell on this now. Let's see if I can pick myself up a bit with a random blog update!

I did promise you some photos from my trip to the US, but I just haven't had the time or energy to pull anything together. Above is a little teaser, but really I want to share with you the video below. It's a rough-and-ready acoustic version of a tune I've been learning of a Townes Van Zandt song for an up-and-coming collaboration. Here's my interpretation of Better than waiting round to die. What do you think?

30 October 2015

Snowpiercer (1984)

I'm falling out of the habit of posting on this blog. Let's do something about this right now. At first sight, this is a review of the Snowpiercer graphic novel by Lob Rochette. On closer inspection, it is simply the ramblings of a tortured soul...

I bought the graphic novel and film both at the same time. It turned out that I got to the film first sometime in the summer. I picked up the comic this week and had it read in a couple of nights. The comic was originally published as "Transperceneige" in 1984, but the edition pictured is from June 2014. And I see now that there is a typo in the comic where it tells me this. Good job these sorts of things don't bother me these days.