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18 December 2010

Zombieland (2009)

Woody gets funky with a banjo
Zombieland, Columbia 2009

The guy who served me in the shop said I was 'in for a treat' when I bought the Zombieland DVD. So it was with high hopes that I sat down to watch last year's blockbuster 'zom-com'... or is it 'zomedy'? Either way we're talking about a zombie comedy. Yep, you heard me right... But comedy is perhaps putting it a bit strong. For me Zombieland is a light-hearted road movie... with zombies. Its quirky plot is amusing, but not much more than that.

Rule #1: Cardio
Zombieland, Columbia 2009

I liked the art-house beginning to the film where we meet geeky Columbus and learn his rules of zombie survival. And the scene where Columbus fights with the zombie-girl in his flat is great. In fact all the zombie scenes are great. These are your bonefide ugly zombies who spit blood and run like crazy people. The only thing that struck me as a bit odd was how relatively few of the undead actually appear in the film. Even at the end in the big climax, I never got the feeling that the place was overrun with them. However, the ones you do see are well worth the wait.

Zombieland, Columbia 2009

I didn't recognise any of the cast except for Woody Harrelson and of course Bill Murray. If it hadn't been for Woody as the fearless Tallahassee, I think that the film would have struggled. Bill's arrival is kind of odd, but a great diversion, and he has the coolest exit I've seen in a long time. The best I can say for the other guys is that they do an okay job.

The Team's all here!
Zombieland, Columbia 2009

Overall, I enjoyed the ride. This is Hollywood cashing in on zombies and you get pretty much what you would expect... including Twinkies. Has anyone actually ever eaten a Twinkie?

Zombie Kill of the Week!
Zombieland, Columbia 2009

I give Zombieland an apocalyptic 7. Go buy it!

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