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30 May 2011

Cloverfield (2007)

I came into Cloverfield with a clean sheet. All I knew was that it was apocalyptic and involved some sort of invasion of Earth. This information was gleaned from the DVD cover alone. You'd think that the film would be right up my street...

Well think again...

29 May 2011

Nintendo Nunchucks

Nintendo Nunchucks are rubbish! Today I reluctantly bought my sixth. What are the kids doing with them? I am officially frustrated...

[Update: I just found another broken one squirreled away in a drawer! So the count is seven!]

Zoom R16 Home Recording Studio

I upgraded my home studio about a month ago by buying a Zoom R16. I agonised over the decision for ages before taking the plunge. Was it really going to be worth the money? Well, a month further on and I haven't looked back.

24 May 2011

The Host (2006)

I think that I might be addicted to the Warriors. There, I've got it out in the open. Time to move on...

Tonight I watched a Korean film by the name of 'The Host' which almost defies description, but you know what, I'm going to give it a go!

22 May 2011

The Warriors (1979) - The Gangs

I know... I'm getting obsessed again...

In response to my last post where I reviewed The Warriors, I have been inspired to stick up pictures of some of the gangs that appear in the film. This was harder to do than you might think... I've definitely missed some out...

Post a comment... 1 point per gang that appears in the film that I've missed from the list below. I can think of one obvious one...

The Baseball Furies from The Warriors, Paramount 1979
The Baseball Furies

21 May 2011

The Warriors (1979)

"Warriors... Come out to play-e-ay!"
I thought everybody had seen the classic that is the Warriors. Apparently not. I discovered last night that my Mrs hasn't. All these years and I never knew! What other guilty secrets is she hiding? Well, last night I gave her the chance to rectify this serious problem... and she declined. Oh well... more work required... ha ha.

Let's get down to it Boppers...

15 May 2011

Avalon (1982)

This week I have mostly been listening to...

Roxy Music

Yeah... I know... déjà vu.... but I'm still listening to the trembly-voiced Lothario that is Bryan Ferry. You will remember that I was waxing lyrical about some Roxy Music singles I'd bought the other week. Well, I've gone and done it again. Only this time, I bought the vinyl of Avalon: the album that was released by the boys in 1982. And get this: It only cost me 50p. Woaahhh... you know how much I love a bargain!

Shaolin (2010)

It's been a struggle to get over this jet-lag. I'm on the verge of forgetting all about the most recent film I watched. Here's a quick review before I do just that. The film in question is: Shaolin.

9 May 2011


At the risk of turning into David Attenborough... here is something I caught flying around the bedroom the other night. At the time it felt like I was wrestling with a small bird. Actually it is was beetle... but what a beetle!

3 May 2011

A Taste of Lake Taupo

My final random set of photos from New Zealand concludes with a set from Lake Taupo.

Bonus point if anyone can name the cafe where the zombie salt and pepper shakers were snapped...