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3 July 2011

Basic Ukulele Chord Chart (GCEA)

I know, I know... I called this blog the Ukulele Blog and I rarely even mention the instrument...

Well today I'll rectify the situation by posting a chord chart. I created this about a year ago and it has been gathering dust ever since.

There was method to my madness, but unfortunately, I can't remember the reasoning behind why I chose the chords I did, or indeed why I chose to lay it out in the precise way I did. I do remember that it took me ages to put it together!

Drop me a comment if you find it useful, or you would like more...

Update 11-May-2013: A big thanks to Dave Lewis for spotting an error in the original chart. Fixed!


  1. No probs R.C. Thank you for the comment. I should do one with a few more chords on it... or maybe a part 2...

  2. This looks nice.
    I will print it, and hang it on the wall.
    I´m a newbee.
    Great job you are doing :)

  3. Thanks for the feedback Anon... I hope it is of use!

  4. The chords you have listed as "diminished" are in fact diminished 7th chords.

    Diminished chords have only three different notes. For example, a C diminished chord = C Eb Gb.

    Diminished 7th chords have four notes. For example, a C diminished 7th chord = C Eb Gb A.

    Dave Lewis

  5. You're perfectly correct Dave! I've made a mistake! Well spotted. Let's see if I can fix this... :-s
    Thanks for pointing this out....

  6. Makes sense to me to organise things this way as it highlights the role each chord tone plays so one can see how moving one note changes major to minor or 7th to maj7 etc. without this relationship one is simply memorising shapes rather than learning how the instrument works. cheers

  7. Good observation Don. There was method to my madness. I did think long and hard before putting this together. I remember drafting and redrafting it until I got it just the way I wanted it. I was very precise, even down to deciding that I would start with a G. Unfortunately, I've slept since then and can't remember exactly why I chose the chords I did. This could turn into a Dan Brown-type mystery! ;-)

    Thanks for commenting