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21 November 2011

The Thing (1982)

I was wondering just now what you might call the male equivalent of a chick flick. How about Blokebuster? Personally, I'd call it 'The Thing'. This film has got everything that any self-respecting bloke might need. There's snow, booze and spider-like aliens. There are also funny hats and fantastic beards. And get this... it's even got helicopters! Woot!

If only John Carpenter could have woven in some roller-skating... What? He did! It just gets better and better...

"Hey! Sweden!" – "They’re Norwegian, Mac."
The Thing, 1982 Universal Pictures

20 November 2011

Lego Tokyo Zombie

Today, with the help of my kids, I recreated some of the magic of Tokyo Zombie using the medium of Lego.

Afro and Hage

19 November 2011

Everything’s Dead (2010)

About a year ago I took part in a Flash Fiction competition that was being run by a Podcast I was following. It was a Zombie podcast and the challenge was to write a short story in no more than 500 words. Can you guess what I chose to write about?

I happened across my entry today and thought I'd dust it off for you. This was the first time that I'd ever tried my hand at writing Flash Fiction. It may be my last! Reading it now, I'm not sure that I did a very good job, but at the time I thought it was great!

And no, I didn't win, or even get an honourable mention. I can think of 413 good reasons for this. Feel free to comment with your own Triple-B rating...

10,000th Reader

Earlier this week the Ukulele Blog proudly reached out and touched its 10,000th reader.

At a low-key ceremony in Tupelo Mississippi, a replica "Ukulele Blog" Ukulele was awarded to an ecstatic and at times tearful John Burrows.

The photo below was taken just before he left the building...

King Uke celebrates with  John Burrows
Tupelo Mississippi 2011

12 November 2011

The Last Man on Earth (1964) - In Colour

When I watched The Last Man on Earth a couple of weeks back I felt the whole experience had been ruined by a terrible transfer to DVD. I just had to get myself a better DVD.... and fast!

Starring Vincent Price
The Last Man on Earth, 1964 MGM

Well, the DVD I bought was better on two counts: First of all, it's proper widescreen; and second, it's been coloured. The end result is a far better experience all round.

Here are a few stills to give you a feel for how it all turned out.

11 November 2011

Sheet Music - "Armistice Day"

Today's sheet music covers are in support of Armistice Day which commemorates those who died in the two world wars and subsequent conflicts.
"They went with songs to the battle, they were young.
Straight of limb, true of eyes, steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
They fell with their faces to the foe.
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them. "

When The Poppies Bloom
Leo Towers, Morton Morrow & Don Pelosi

8 November 2011

Undead (2002)

Working on the basis that every country in the world is capable of producing at least one top zombie film, I felt certain that I might have found the Australian entry when I spotted "Undead".

Rene has a devilishly cunning idea
Undead, 2002 Lion Gate Films

The cover art alone promises so much with its picture of a bearded cowboy-cum-tramp sporting a tri-shotgun. Yep, you heard me right... tri-shotgun! That's three shotguns in one! Wow! What on Earth can this film be all about?

6 November 2011

Sheet Music - "Rita Hayworth"

Hot on the heels of my last post, I've been inspired to hunt through 'the Crate' for any sheet music that features Rita Hayworth on the cover. It's slim pickings I'm afraid... only 2 pieces.


Rita Hayworth

You'll Never Get Rich (1941)

"You'll never get rich by diggin' a ditch.
You're in the Army now..."
Having dabbled with madness a couple of months back when I reviewed "Band Wagon", I'm pleased to say that I've finally pulled through. Today I've been watching more Fred Astaire.

This time, the fun comes in the form of the 1941 Columbia film: "You'll Never Get Rich."

Fred whispers sweet nothings
You'll Never Get Rich, Columbia 1941