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9 December 2011

Evilution (2007)

"Once it's unleashed it can never be stopped!"
It's been a while since I watched anything zombie-related and I figured I'd go with something scary to dust off the cobwebs. I chose Evilution on the basis of the cover. Unfortunately I've caught myself out again! What a fool!

Oh dear, oh dear...

This is as good as it gets
Evilution, Brink 2007

Evilution is an odd sort of a film. I'm not sure it really knows what genre it wants to be in.

On the one hand it is an 'infected' film; An alien space virus has been discovered and is being used by the US Government to create undead soldiers. Yawn. But get this... it seems to be impossible to control the undead! Who'd have thought. Apparently, all they want to do is to feed on the living. Double-yawn.

On the other hand it tries to be a comedy. The characters are suitably goofy, but despite constantly being on the cusp, they never quite manage to pull off anything funny.

It's science, but not as you know it...
Evilution, Brink 2007

And on the third hand, there's an X-Files / Hammer / Twilight Zone thing going on which I'm not even going to try to understand or explain. I guess I'll never know what's behind the apartment block with the strange landlord. Oh well... I'll get over it...

And on the fourth hand, it touches on a few 'heavier' themes like Sex and Drugs (no Rock'n'Roll unfortunately). But like the film in general, it's all a bit clumsy and forced.

I can't help but wonder if the makers of Evilution were trying to make a connection with Evolution, the 2001 film. They both involve aliens and comedy... and have actors. Yeah, I guess it is a bit of a tenuous link...

Don't you just hate it when this happens...
Evilution, Brink 2007

So, this film is poo. There must be something good to mention...

The acting is okay-ish. I'm wincing here. When I say 'okay'. I do actually mean poor. Some of the actors are worse than others. But actually, If I'm honest, it's probably the acting that saves this film from being a full-on car crash. Perhaps we're only talking about a minor ding?

No good-night kiss for our Sandra
Evilution, Brink 2007

Eric Peter-Kaiser stars as Darren Hall, a renegade Army scientist. He has a Stargate Daniel Jackson feel to him -  which is no bad thing. Sandra Ramírez plays the love interest in the form of Maddie Gilbert. There were a couple of things that caught my eye about her performance, but to be fair to Sandra, I think she did the best she could with the script she was given.

Do I need to say any more?

Evilution is a fairly forgettable experience. Stick it on your 'ten things to do when you're dead' list.

On the Triple-B I'm going to grab 2 bottles of Red and pay Sandra Ramírez a visit. Wish me luck boys...

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