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20 December 2011

Pen Cap Chew - Secret Santa (2011)

Last year the Pen Cap Chew boys set themselves the crazy challenge of writing a Christmas song... on Christmas Eve. That produced the classic "Message of Christmas". This year, they gave themselves a week and the result is "Secret Santa", the fifth single off the as yet unreleased Dream Theatre album. It's rough and ready and just a little bit different. Be sure to check out the B-Side for a re-recording of "The Message of Christmas".

A Side: Secret Santa

"It was a late-run thing, but Pen Cap Chew have written another Christmas song and they're releasing it as their 5th single off the Dream Theatre album. This time round it's an up-tempo number guaranteed to get the snowmen shakin'. Will it do better in the charts than last year's effort. Only time will tell. Merry Christmas!!!"

B Side: The Message of Christmas

"And here's the B-Side to the 5th Single: a rerecording of The Message of Christmas, the song that stormed to the top of the Shetland charts in 2011. Merry Christmas!!!"

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