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22 December 2011

Sin City Photogs

You may remember my review of "Sin City" earlier this year. I was quite hard on it feeling that it was let down by a poor script. I can be such a toe-rag sometimes! My review wasn't all doom and gloom though; I really liked the visual style of the film with its high contrast and stark minimalist use of colour.

Earlier this week I witnessed the birth of a group on Google+ called Sin City Photogs. It's an area for like-minded individuals to pay homage to the art-style that Frank Miller made famous with Sin City. Visit the page or search on the #SinCityPhotogs tag to see some of the efforts. It's very early days, but already there are some great photos cropping up.

You know that I wouldn't be able to resist having a go myself... and you'd be right; I submitted a few pictures of my own this week! And I may do more!

Here's what I've done so far. It's a bit of a mixed bag, but I've had fun putting them together.

Update 31-Dec-11: I've moved the Sin City style art to it's own page. I'll keep this one for the photograph-based pictures.

I got asked recently if I took the pictures in this post. With the exception of a couple that were taken from the film itself, I did. I'll only use base pictures that are mine. The little embellishments are 50:50 'borrowed' from Google image search or created by me.

"He knew she would find him..."

"The old house was meant to be empty..."

"Anyone could make their mark on the streets..."

"It looked like they were expecting me..."

"We needed cash, and lots of it..."

"Mickey was always full of surprises..."

"King Uke knew his latest obsession was getting the better of him..."

"Sink or swim..."

"Bury him..."

"Rule 4. No Witnesses..."

"Your name's not down..."

"You never saw me..."

"A finger of bourbon..."

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