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30 April 2012

Flight of the Conchords

This week I have mostly been listening to...

Flight of the Conchords

Relax with Flight of the Conchords

I haven't had it long, but since I picked up 'the debut album' from Flight of the Conchords, it's about all I've been listening to. Okay, I know that this is old news; This album was released in 2008 to supplement the TV series of the same name... and get this: I haven't even watched all of the series yet! Yay!

29 April 2012

How to make an electric ukulele body - Part 1

In my last post I talked about how I designed and created a pattern for my electric ukulele build. Today I talk about making the body.

From wood to wood in 167 simple steps - King Uke shows you how!

I haven't finished it, but I've done enough to give you a run down of what I've been up to. Tighten your seatbelts, this might just get a little hairy!

Oh yeah... my build has been christened "the Kingcaster". I kind of like the sound of that!

25 April 2012

Tito-Matini Mandolin Disaster!

I've come into the possession of a mandolin. It's a complete disaster. I don't know too much about it, but it was made in Naples probably in the 18th century by F Tito-Matini, and it is a complete wreck! I was going to say that it's obviously been dropped a few times, but actually I think that it might have been used as a club at some point. There are signs of repair, but unfortunately in my opinion this has gone past the point of recovery.

Even if it was in pristine condition I don't think that it would be worth anything. I'm considering taking it apart and maybe turning it into a mandolele (or is it ukalin?). Let me know what you think.

21 April 2012

How to make a Rhythm Ring

Ever wondered what it might be like to have a little percussion with your ukulele songs... but you don't have any friends? It's a common problem. Thankfully it's a problem that can now be solved with... Rhythm Ring!

Rhythm Ring Tm

Rhythm Ring is an American product that has revolutionalised the home-ukulele experience. Rhythm Ring is a small shaker that fits on your finger. As you strum, it rocks along. It really is that simple!

20 April 2012

Shankti Oviedo Ukulele Designs

I've met some wonderfully talented people on Google+. One that I am proud to call a brother is Shankti Oviedo. His passion for Art is a real inspiration to me. Like myself, he's open to pretty much anything and everything. I feel a kindred spirit. And if that wasn't enough, I rate him as a very talented artist in his own right!

Buenos Aires Designer Ukulele

I Sell the Dead (2008)

I Sell The Dead really promised to be a hidden gem. It stars Dominic Monoghan who at the time of filming was still basking in the glory of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I never even knew this film existed until quite recently; It was only by chance that I heard some rave reviews on episode 14 of the Weekly Horror Movie Podcast.

My Bloody Valentine
I Sell the Dead, Scareflix 2008

By the way, if you haven't already stumbled across this podcast then I'd recommend that you give it a listen. It is now hosted by Midnight Corey AKA Corey Graham of Midnight Podcast fame. The podcast is all about Horror Film Reviews but you do get a pretty good dose of Zombies too. I don't agree with all that's said, but either do the gang... which is half the fun. They're quickly working their way through most of the must-watch zombie films and... ripping them to shreds. You've got to love that!

15 April 2012

How to create your first Ukulele Pattern

I'm building an Electric Ukulele and I promised to keep you  up-to-date with progress. Today's post covers the work I've done to create a pattern for my build.

A first-stab at an electric ukulele pattern

9 April 2012

How to set up an Hawaiian Guitar

I'm having a bit of an Hawaiian moment. It's great!

King Uke contemplates a little lap-slide

1 April 2012

Draper 1200W Router Kit

I'm going to build this bloody electric ukulele if it kills me! I'm serious about this! And if you don't believe me, here's the proof... I've just bought a router. I opted for a budget Draper 1200W Router Kit. I know nothing about routers, so this is a real journey of discovery for me. There's a video at the bottom of me unboxing my new toy and here are a load of pictures of me checking it out and putting it together.

Draper 1200W Router Kit
Stock number 90088; Part number PT1201VK