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6 May 2012

Patents and other Cans of Worms

I stirred a bit of a hornets' nest in my recent post where I demoed some musical shakers I'd knocked together with my kids. They were inspired by the idea of the Rhythm Ring (Trademark) only we made them out of household items that we had laying around our home. It was all meant to be a bit of fun, but since making that post I've had some pretty horrible messages from someone claiming to be part of the Rhythm Ring company. For the record, I won't be mass-producing the shakers shown in my videos. In fact, the shakers are no more! So that's the end of that!

US 2011/0009713 A1
"Rhythmic Percussion Exercise Garment with Electronic Interface
and Method of Conducting an Exercise Program"

If I've learnt anything from this whole experience it is the wonder that is the Google Patent search. Who'd have thought that there are so many patents filed! I love the ideas - there's some real crazy stuff - but I'm also taken with the pictures and the language of the patents. Here's a run down of some of the shaker-related patents and a few others that stand out for different reasons.

Expect a post soon on Ukulele patents!

US 2008/0173155 A1
"Musical Shaker"
"A percussion instrument, such as a shaker, comprises a first
disc-shaped member having an outer annular flange defining
a first outer perimeter and a second disc-shaped member
defining a second outer perimeter different than the first outer
perimeter. The first and second disc-shaped members are
directly interconnected to form a cavity therebetween. A
plurality of sound producing particles is disposed within said
cavity defined by said first and second disc-shaped members."

US 2011/0259173 A1
"Hands-Free Percussion Instrument and Related Methods"
Check out the background to this invention in the above link where
the inventors detail all the other patents that exist for hand-attached shakers.

"Musical shaker"

"String percussion instrument"
"An instrument having a body, a neck and a plurality of strings
connected between the body and neck. The body and neck
have a top surface. The top surface of the neck is offset
by some angle relative to the top surface of the body.
The strings are positioned on the instrument such that
the strings overlie at least a portion of the top surface of the
body and the neck of the instrument."

"Combination strumming pick and percussion device"

"Rhythm shaker"

"Combined guiro and shaker"

"Body mounted musical shaker"


  1. Send your wife to sort out those Rhythm Ring zombies!

  2. Ha ha... Yeah - then they'd know Lizzie! She could do some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on them! Thanks for commenting. You don't happen to know any electric ukers in your neck of the woods do you?