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21 August 2012

A Taste of the Eden Project

Today was the long-awaited trip to the Eden Project. The family were underwhelmed. It was a real battle to fire the kids up. "But it's just some greenhouses with plants". Can't argue with that. Actually, I was a bit underwhelmed by the experience myself; It was way too busy for my liking. As is customary for this little holiday, I furnish you with some photos from the day...

The Eden Project Biodomes

A late entry for #caturday

A coin for luck


Blue flowers

The Yellow Brick Road


Recycling Monster!

Lavender Rows

Palm Seeds



Racy Strawberry Scenes


Spirit Totems

Triangle Trading Sugar
Can anyone tell me what's wrong with
this picture?

Yellow Mutant Flower


  1. Blue flowers hey?
    Have you seen the movie
    "A Scanner Darkly"?-)

  2. I have Daz! And I even wrote about it here...
    I don't know about you, but I'm spotting a few recurring themes in my photos. Just you wait until I do my UKESY post!

  3. Have you read Mike Perry's blog?
    He lives in Cornwall and is always talking about this place.
    In fact that's the first place I ever heard of it,through his blog posts.
    It's called "67 Not Out" and is usually about synchronicity...and I know you won't believe this,but the
    "Please prove you're not a robot"
    code is
    67 itsrksn
    I kid you not.

  4. I've added it to my reading list! I should have checked this out before I arrived!