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19 August 2012

A Taste of Launceston

Hot on the heels of yesterday's post I've only gone and got some more!

This was actually no mean feat considering the weather. This time the snaps are from Launceston and surrounds. A bit of a mixed bag...

Except for access

Bowling Balls

Check out player 1's score. It's mine!  Just saying...
Wasn't very popular after that.

More holes... This one with a daisy...

Drain cover.

Gong-Fu Chinese Restaurant!
Absolutely brilliant!!!

King Uke - digitally enhanced

Yes... I did enhance this photo...

Launceston Castle


Shoot me now...


  1. Launceston ?
    I have an uncle who lives in Launceston.
    But that's the Launceston in Tasmania.

    Odd that you have a picture of bowling balls.I was reading
    "The Electric Jesus" this morning and Jonathan Talit Phillips was referring to his depression as
    "The Black Bowling Ball".
    Don't worry though,this book is about Iowaska trips rather than some sort of Christianity book.
    I'm not into Christianity as a religion,so you don't have to turn and run if you see me coming down the street.-)

  2. They have a great bowling alley in Launceston Tasmania. We almost went! Until I realised the trick Google was playing on me. Ask your uncle if he's been and if he can beat 172. On religion... In the same camp...

  3. I've never been to Launceston in Tasmania...or Tasmania,for that matter.And I'm not that close with my uncle down there.
    The last time we spoke was at my grandmother's funeral.
    It's not that we're feuding or anything,it's just that we don't keep in touch.I probably won't see him until the next funeral.-)

  4. Perhaps a funeral is not the best time to bring up bowling. Let's leave things where they are...