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12 August 2012

A Taste of Lincolnshire

I'm still enjoying a little bit of photography on my phone. This weekend I bundled up the family for a night's camping in deepest darkest Lincolnshire and a great time was had by all. I almost ran out of power on my phone, but not before capturing a few snaps to share with you. If you're enjoying this swathe of pictures, just you wait until next week when I head down to Cornwall!

J-Uke tries out a Rooney mask for size
Even at the rock-bottom price of 29p, we left it...

J-Uke investigates strange sounds outside our tent...

Morning dew


More morning dew

Swans... and a few wanna be swans...

El Paso


  1. Re:
    "J-Uke investigates strange sounds outside our tent.."

    Maybe it was
    "Abraham Lincolnshire:Vampire Hunter"

  2. Were the Ol(imp)ics on in Lincolnshire while
    you were there?-)

  3. I think sometimes he imagines he's hunting vampires! More likely the sounds were local mutants hunting in the nearby quarry. And as if to confirm my suspicions on inbreeding in the county, we passed a sign to "Uncle Jacks"... Ha ha. Actually, if anyone from Lincolnshire is reading this comment, I feel that I must point out that I AM JOKING! I love Lincolnshire AND the huge family that lives there!