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9 August 2012

Robot Yoko Ono

I invented a new game the other day which involved the creation of an ever evolving picture. I posted a picture on Google+ and people commented offering improvements that could be made. I then made those changes and guess what... more comments! You can guess what happened next. Last time it resulted in the launching of my custom ukulele design company.

Mark I: Darth Vader facial tattoo.

It's happened again!

This time the discussion was facial tattoos. If you really, really had to have a facial tattoo, wouldn't it be cool if you attempted a full Darth Vader facemask? I was intrigued to know what one might look like, so I threw together a mock-up. Then before you knew it the synchronicities were in action and the revisions rolled fast and furiously. I think it's petered out now, so I'm going to post the flow for you. By all accounts we've ended up with a robot Yoko Ono! Do you agree?

Mark II: Perhaps hair would help to finish off that helmet look?
"It's not hair it's a helmet!!!!! Made from hair!!!!"

Mark III: Lipstick and a dual-light sabre septum ring

Mark IV: No, the lipstick has to be black
( "You're obviously no Gok" ) and my brother's signature
(from the 80s)

Mark V: Robotic Yoko Ono?

Mark IV: Slicing fruit! And we're done!


  1. I would have liked to have seen robot Yoko in a nun's outfit wielding a pair of nun chucks with her teeth.Also a sharp ruler in the opposite hand to the sword.

    But I confess that you can't please everyone.

  2. You almost had it there Daz... but I ran out of energy just thinking about all that work. There's always next time!

  3. Here's a mash up I would really like to see and that I could see it going viral.
    Russell Crowe in one of his beloved South Sydney Rabbitohs football jerseys (the one with the white rabbit,not the black rabbit one) as Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street.

  4. This is the jersey I referring to -

    Russell Crowe owns this team and it looks like it might just be their year...unless my beloved sharks can rip whose little white rabbits to shreds in the finals,that is .-)

  5. Interestingly,Kickstarter just sent me an e-mail to see if I would like to donate to this guy -

    Not that I'm going to,because he is already getting over 10 times what he asked for.
    But check out his work.
    I think you might like it.
    You might even suggest Robot Yoko
    to him as a potential
    block print .-)

  6. You asked for it Daz...