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23 August 2012

UKESY - Graffiti Artist

One man's vandalism is another man's Art. Whilst traveling to Cornwall last weekend I took a much needed pit stop in Bristol. I've been once before, about fifteen or so years ago. One of the first things that struck me this time around was the number of 'artsy' people wandering about, and the sheer volume of graffiti adorning every spare centimeter of wall space. I can't say that it was all to my taste, but I can say that it tweaked my interests. Having finally made it to my holiday destination, I've been keeping an eye out for Cornovii graffiti. One underground artist has definitely caught my eye. I don't know anything about him other than his moniker: UKESY. I'm still searching, but below is what I've found so far...

Launceston, 19 Aug 2012

Launceston, 20 Aug 2012
"I'm hot on the heels of an underground graffiti artist who goes by the
name of UKESY. I'll try and capture more of his work today..."

Bude, 20 Aug 2012
"The graffiti artist UKESY is a Cornish god. I found some more of his
phenomenal art on a visit to Bude today..."

Launceston, 21 Aug 2012
"I found this UKESY on a stroll round Launceston this morning..."

Eden Project, 21 Aug 2012
"I think that I'm close to unearthing the true identity of UKESY.
Look at the piece I found today at the Eden Project. He's obviously a fan
of JAWS. Aha!"

Launceston, 22 Aug 2012
"There's something fishy going on here. Look what I found at the back
of the house we're stopping at this week! Another original UKESY!"

Launceston, 22 Aug 2012
"I'm beginning to think that UKESY isn't Cornish at all! He is
100% island warrior! Look at this piece I found outside the back
of the British Heart Foundation..."

Tintagel, 22 Aug 2012
"It seems that UKESY is famous for all the wrong reasons in Tintagel"


  1. I don't think you will ever solve this mystery King Uke.
    This guy is way smarter than you or I...although I hope he is smart enough not to hit a high note if he ever gets his hands on the Kingcaster Mark VIII.-)

  2. "This guy is way smarter than you or I"... I think you've hit the nail on the head here! There's no way I'll ever figure this out!