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10 November 2012


I have been touched by the icy cold finger of Progressive Metal. You may remember a post I did earlier on this week where I marveled at the wonder that is Hologram Earth. I didn't mention it at the time, but as good as the boys are, I did feel that they were missing a trick not adding in the devilish roar of electric ukulele.

Well since then, I've joined the band and have written my first song. You can hear the demo below. I've called it Hellogram. Wow... I feel like Billy Preston! It's not that long, but I think it gives you a little feel for the satanic power lurking within the wires of my Kingcaster electric ukulele.

The drums are ripped from a video of an Australian showing off his drum skills. Fantastic skills jamesallowishes (please don't sue me). I painstakingly snipped and looped until I had a track of what I hope is a Progressive Metal style drums. Then I started figuring out what I'd play over the top of it. I think there are 4 tracks of electric ukulele: 2 sort of power chord type tracks, 1 with ambient noise and 1 with a little riff. I stuck down a track of bass and 3 tracks of vocals. It's turned out quite dark but this is exactly the sort of thing that metal-heads like me are into. :-D


  1. Maybe you could throw in some Lionel Richie lyrics as well and re-title the clip
    "I Just Called To Say Hellogram" ?-)

  2. There can be no place here for Lionel Richie! All hail the God of Progressive Metal!