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7 November 2012

Hologram Earth

The wonderful thing about having my own blog is that I can write about whatever I want! One week it can be Disco, the next, the merits of having a zombie survival plan. Today I'm going to share with you a few thoughts on Progressive Metal.

Hologram Earth

Hologram Earth have been recording their debut EP for what seems like bloody ages! They started in June and are now releasing it in November 2012. That's more than a month a song! Wow! The longest I've ever spent in a studio was a day; We laid down 4 songs and still had time for tea. Granted, our songs didn't sound anywhere near as polished as what I've just been listening to.

#Caturday - Time to stop the madness

By a quirk of fate I hooked up with Luuk van der Velden - Hologram Earth's drummer - earlier on this year on Google+. I seem to remember trying to recruit him to help me to bring down #caturday. Oh yeah, and there was that incident with the Rhythm Ring. Luuk had nothing to do with that. Well, little by little I got to learn that Luuk was a drummer and that he and his band were going into the studio to record. I was quite excited about the whole thing. Every now and again Luuk would post up a photo or two and then.... nothing! Nothing that is until yesterday when out of the blue he announced the release of an EP. Aha! I instantly went to buy it... only to discover that it's free to download :-)

Luuk van der Velden

I had no idea of what might be in store for me. Luuk looks like a nice quiet boy. He's never mentioned devil worship or anything that might have lead me to suspect that he was part of an underground cult. Oh... who's laughing now eh? Ha ha. I asked Luuk to describe the type of music that Hologram Earth play and he said "it's progressive metal mostly, but there are enough other things inside." I didn't even know there was such a thing as Progressive Metal, but you know what? I'm a big fan!

Michiel Meurs

Michiel Meurs sings (that's Meurs... not Myers). When my wife heard him, she said that he sounded a bit like he was speaking in tongues. I think she might be onto something here. My daughter E-Uke has been doing imitations all evening... that and her homework. The rest of the band are Thomas Cochrane and Steven Hulshof on guitar and Asher de Vries on bass. I have to say that they are a very talented bunch of guys. I really can't fault the playing. I believe that the songs were written by Thomas. Hats off to him... there isn't a dud in the pack. Asher did all the recording and mixing down. Is there nothing that these boys can't do! Oh yeah, and Luuk's not too shabby with his pedals either. ;-)

Thomas Cochrane

On the songs...

Facing Creation starts with a roar... it's the best intro I've heard in a long time. There's lots of noise, but here's the thing that struck me about all of the songs, there's a lot of variation too... and I love the melodies that the second guitar achieves. If I had to pick a favourite tune it would probably be this one.

The opening progression for the second song Labyrinth is another brilliant touch and it isn't long before the song descends into buzzing guitar mayhem and grunting hell with loud-quiet sections of insanity.

Check out all those dials!

The third song Graveyard Planet is the soundtrack to the best horror film you've ever seen. Meurs is in his element and could be singing about eating children for all I know. I love the end to this tune: Luuk runs riot on the drums and then we're murdered with guitar stabs.

Dichotomized ends the EP and I might be losing my mind, but I reckon that this track would be a perfect James Bond theme... or at least a James Bond chase theme.

Asher de Vries and Michiel Meurs (standing)

So there you have it. I'm a convert. Fanastic stuff. Well done to Luuk and the boys. I wonder how long it will be before I'm told that I can't play music in the house again? Surely it can't be as bad as the time I let my son watch a zombie film? And in case you're wondering, Hologram Earth are from Amsterdam. There are links all over this post, but for those with a low attention span... check this out: Yep... that's "nl"... for neanderthal! ROOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!

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