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26 May 2013

The Ballad of Tokyo Zombie (2013)

"I'd like to see you write a ballad about 'Tokyo Zombie'. Consider that a challenge."
~ Brizdaz (Darren)12 May 2013 00:56

Whilst I love Tokyo Zombie, you can also view this post as a tribute to
everything crazy in Japan. Have you ever heard of arse-swords?

Challenge accepted Daz! Actually, I've wanted to write a tribute to the wonderful idea that is Tokyo Zombie for quite a while. It's no secret that I've been obsessed by the artwork of the original graphic novel for a long time, even going so far as recently pimping my Skylark Ukulele with a picture inspired by a poster created by Yusaku Hanakuma.

Pimped Skylark Ukulele

My tribute is a plodding dirge that I call "The Ballad of Tokyo Zombie".

In case you want to sing along... here are the lyrics...

あなたの甘い頭を下にして置きます。 myreで入浴に来る

If you're wondering what has been taking up all of my time recently...
Check this little cutie out!

I wrote this song yesterday whilst puppy-sitting. It came to me as I lay in the sunshine with my Tokyo ukulele in hand. The recording contains a bass, guitar, Tokyo uke, organ and get this... an oboe! Oh yeah, and I sing too! Enjoy!

If you think that the tune seems a little bit melancholic, that may be because I have been under a bit of a cloud this week since learning about Ray Manzarek's death. Ray sadly passed away earlier this week in Germany at the age of 74. He had been a long-time sufferer of cancer.

This is exactly the sort of ukulele that Ray Manzarek would have played.

You may remember two years ago to the month a post I did reported a strange occurrence where this giant beetle had mysteriously appeared in my daughter's bedroom? I'd never seen one before, or since.

You may also remember earlier this year that I discovered Ray Manzarek and in particular his outstanding album "Golden Scarab". I instantly fell in love with it. Regular readers of this blog will know that things all went to beetle after that... My descent into scarab madness is well documented in the many posts hidden away on this blog. I thought I might be over it...

Here's J-Uke holding the "Scarab" I found earlier this week.

Whilst out tending to the new puppy one evening this week I happened to spot another huge beetle! I tried to post a picture of it on Google+ with one word... "Scarab?" I later discovered that for some unknown reason the post never made it up, and spookier still, Ray died at about the same time as I was trying to post it. :-O

Everywhere I look at the moment I am seeing scarabs...

In the shadow of Ray Manzarek. RIP brother.


  1. I knew you couldn't resit that challenge.
    BTW,how do you pronounce 地元の人々は彼らが死んで埋葬する日本の火山があります.
    You really need to read Carl Jung's little book "Synchronicity".
    You give 'Beatlemania' a whole new twist,King.

  2. That should be resist instead of resit.
    I must have been thinking of those arse-swords when I was typing the above comment :-)

  3. Did you realize that 'Golden Scarab'
    goes for 6 minutes and 42 seconds?

    "The Golden Scarab" - 6:42

    42,the answer to everything.-)

  4. You might find this worth a read,too.

    And a listen to this by the same guy -

    ""This book brilliantly exposes how the very roots of the madness that is threatening life on earth are ultimately to be found within our own psyche. I love that Paul is taking seriously the profound implications of what it means that all of us are living in a mass, shared dream. His startlingly clear premise challenges me to reflect upon both the world and myself in radically mind-altering ways. Something important is coming through his imagination-filled musings; his visionary insight into the intrinsic genius of our species feels inspired by a truly creative, compassionate and enlivening spirit. I always look forward to reading Paul’s work; it stimulates me to greater heights of lucidity, disturbs me enough to awaken me out of my complacency, and encourages me to fly on the wings of the creative imagination. The world would be a better place if everyone read this book. His vision is a royal gift for all of us. It makes me want to sing.
    Bravo!” — Sting"

  5. I'll get back to this Daz - got a busy weekend ahead of me! You do realise that Sting is a nutter don't you?
    Ha ha ;-)
    "42,the answer to everything." - I think you might be onto something here!

    1. Maybe you need to listen to this album as well-

      " The album's title was inspired by Arthur Koestler's The Roots of Coincidence, which mentions Carl Jung's theory of synchronicity. Sting was an avid reader of Koestler, and also named Ghost in the Machine after one of his works."

      I have seen Sting play live twice in Brisbane,once I paid for the tickets,the other time my mother won tickets on a local radio station and gave them to me and my wife.
      I'd love to see him play the
      'Byron Bay Blues Fest',one day soon.
      I hear that his daughter lives in Byron Bay,so fingers crossed.