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28 June 2013

The Ukulele Festival of Great Britain 2013

It's official! I don't get out much!

I'm back from my visit down to the Ukulele Festival of Great Britain in Cheltenham and I have a heap of photos and recollections to share with you below. Forgive me if I jump about a bit, but this weekend has been a bit of a blur. View this as an alternative review of the festival... You read this blog for a reason right? Welcome to my world...

"Who's Kev?"

I can't say that I was very impressed with the hotel we stayed in at Cheltenham. What a dump! There was a sign on the wall in reception that read along the lines of: "Please don't abuse the staff... They're here to help you." The hotel was one and three-quarters of a mile from the centre of Cheltenham. It was a walk I was to do many times.

16 June 2013

Losing You (2013)

This post is ostensibly about a new song I'm posting for you, but really, I'm just clearing the decks before next weekend. I can't wait for a little bit of down-time with my ukulele brethren at the Ukulele Festival of Great Britain. My bro's going and he's still trying to convince me to get a tattoo. Have no fear... I will not succumb!

Look at this fantastic card I received this morning! I was wondering where that bit of string from my guitar strap had gone. Isn't it brilliant! J-Uke even made me breakfast this morning... shredded wheat, my favourite!

15 June 2013

The Ballad of Tokyo Zombie (2013)

I'm off to the Ukulele Festival of Great Britain next weekend. You will remember that I went to the last one and came back with a million photos. By all accounts it's going to be packed; Tickets to the event have all sold out. I feel a bit like Willy Wonka... Yep... I've got the golden ticket!

The Ukulele Festival of Great Britain will be held in Cheltenham 21-23 June 2013

8 June 2013

Skylark in the Meadow (2013)

I can't help myself at the moment. I've been playing a lot of ukulele and thinking up new tunes.

I know there're a number of you out there wondering what I look like. Okay, here you go...
Photo courtesy of Next