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27 July 2013

A Taste of Philately and Lepidoptery

I realised this morning that there are a couple of themes running through my photos this summer. I'm going to mix up two of them here for you...

Purple Emperor Butterfly (Apatura iris)

Subversion TM

Can it only be a couple of weeks ago that I discovered the magic that is Microsoft PhotoSynth? It feels like I've been capturing crazy swirling panoramas forever! I've shared a lot of them on google+. I reckon that I must have bored the pants off everyone on there by now. Ha ha! Now it's your turn!

Today's post is going to be full of pictures and it's not all PhotoSynth related... but this is where I'm going to start!

Surround Meadow

What you are seeing here is a complete 360 degree set of photos, stitched together to form a panorama and stretched top and bottom to make it flat. It's exactly the sort of thing you will see being done when people make a map of the World. Unlike a map of the world , which flattens the view from the outside, PhotoSynth flattens the view from the inside. I'm sure this all makes perfect sense now ;-)

26 July 2013

At the Altar of the Skylark

Regular readers of this blog will know that I've been having a bit of fun spearheading a campaign to raise the profile of Skylark Ukuleles. I'm now the proud owner of three of these ancient budget ukes. Earlier this week I received a comment on one of my numerous Skylark posts that has allowed me to track down the company that produces the Skylark brand ukuleles. I'm happy to announce that it's still going strong! I'm over the moon! Come with me on a Skylark journey...

I've been searching for the maker of Skylark ukuleles for some time and although I've stumbled across a couple of potential leads, I've never really uncovered anything that convinced me that I'd found the right one.  How about this then! See the image on the plucktrum in the picture. Yes! It's the very same one you will see on the labels inside Skylark ukes! Only, this picture is from a plucktrum being made and sold today! Kerching!

21 July 2013

The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival - Teaser!

I mentioned in my recent post on the Ukulele Festival of Great Britain that I'd learnt about a new ukulele festival that is going to be held up in my neck of the woods. Since then I've been in touch with Mary Agnes Krell (one of the organisers) and gathered all sorts of information on the event which I'll share with you now.

"I play what I like and I like what I play"

I created an event on Google+ for the festival and inadvertently spammed everyone in my circles with notifications. Apologies for that. The event allows you to say whether you're planning to go or not. There are a couple of takers already! I might even get to meet some of you! Oooh... how scarey!

20 July 2013

How to Draw a Cannibal

I was intrigued the other day to see that I'd had a hit on the blog with the search term "how to draw a cannibal". I get all sorts of crazy hits, but this one in particular tickled my fancy. Wouldn't it be great to have a post detailing how to draw a cannibal... and all sorts of other things for that matter!

Step-by-Step How To Draw

See the fretboard that the book is resting on. Yep, that is the pre-made one I ordered the other day. I'm not impressed with the Chinese build quality at all. I will not be using it on my up-coming King Six CBG Build.

18 July 2013

Save My Soul (2013)

In Vaqueros folklore there is a story of a man disillusioned with life who takes to the desert in search of salvation. With only a horse for company, the poor unfortunate disappears into the night perhaps never to return. In my new song "Save My Soul" we join this desparado as he sets off on his journey of discovery.

King Uke - Save My Soul

12 July 2013

Deadheads (2011)

It should come as no surprise to learn that I'm really not that keen on romantic comedies. It's a formula that doesn't do that much for me. Imagine my horror when I sat down to watch Deadheads a couple of nights ago and realised that I'd bought a zombie rom com. Good God NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

This is a snippet from a teaser for the Norwegian zombie flick Dead Snow, a film I'd much rather be talking about than Deadheads. When I first posted this, my German correspondent +Eric Harris was kind enough to point out a tiny error... "ein = a; eins = one". Oh dear! Knowing this... this video makes no sense at all! Ha ha... How cool is that! 

7 July 2013

A Taste of Summer

I know this is the second post of today, but the weather and Andy Murray's glorious victory has inspired me to bring together a few of the photos I've taken over the past couple of weeks for you. These are the photos that don't really fit anywhere in particular. Most (if not all) were taken whilst walking the dog. So if you want to thank anyone for this little collection, then praise the little fur-ball. All the photos were taken on my new iPhone. I must say that I love the camera on this phone - it's better than my real camera!

"Secret Resistance"
This view was hidden behind a fence. I sneaked a peak over the top and look what I found growing at the other side!

Oompah, Oompah, Stick it up your Jumper

Not much is happening at the Ukulele Blog unfortunately. With the Summer has come a bout of "Real Life". I can't claim to be unhappy with the arrangement... I'd much rather be outside doing something, than inside writing about it.

I do have a couple of random updates for you though, so without further ado...

Kings Six Mock-up