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27 October 2013

The Desert Song (2013)

The Golden Scarab EP is finished! I seal the deal with a moody, stuttering instrumental straight out of the desert.

"Count these"

I'm feeling a bit rebellious... Dangerous to know ;-)

One in the eye for the Grand Poobah

I've been doing some more work on my Grand Poobah acoustic ukulele build this week. There have been highs... there have been lows. Here's the update!

[Sorry - broke the link to this photo as part of the Google Photos update. Move along...]

That feeling when you can see disaster approaching, but you can't do anything about it.

25 October 2013

King Uke's Scanning Contraption

This post chronicles a little more of my journey into figuring out the best way to digitise some of my sheet music. I've had a couple of attempts already; My first involved a scanner and though the results were pretty good, it was just too much effort. My second attempt also involved a scanner, but this time I had the benefit of proper ereading devices to test the finished product. Again, the results were very good, but it was all too hard. Today I'm going to tell you about my latest thoughts on the subject. The big difference this time around is that I'm trying a camera instead of a scanner...

I rifled through "the Crate" the other day to see if I had any cowboy-related tunes to look at. I certainly do! Aren't these fantastic! :-)

20 October 2013

Drilling the Grand Poobah

After all the excitement of a weekend in Pontefract, I've finally got back to my Grand Poobah ukulele build. Here's this weekend's update. I've made some good progress!

Voodoo Night? This poster was designed by Alan Aldridge. I'll talk a little more about him soon... 

16 October 2013

The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival 2013

It kind of sneaked up on me, but this weekend I took a break from building my Grand Poobah ukulele and paid a visit to the inaugural Grand Northern Ukulele Festival in Pontefract. I took quite a few pictures, but unfortunately, most of them have come out a bit blurry. Damn! Don't worry... I still have some beauties for you ;-)

In no particular order...

I start with a confession. Look at what I found in my hand when I got home! I really can't be trusted. :-O Sorry GNUF. Sorry Eek.

Happy Birthday... :-S

6 October 2013

Picking up the Poobah

I was so depressed the last time I wrote about my Grand Poobah build. You might remember that I'd broken my jigsaw and had a bad experience with a forstner bit. I don't know if it came across in the post, but I was tired and grumpy and ready to throw in the towel. Fast-forward a week and I've got a smile back on my face. Things have improved a lot...

I figured that the only way I'd rescue my ukulele body would be if I dug out the router. I'm not a fan of routers... they scare me! I find them difficult to use and I have visions of damaging myself in horribly painful ways.

I got to wondering if maybe I could adapt my router technique? The more I thought about it, the more I figured that there may be a better, safer, cleverer way to use the router. In this picture you can see the germ of my cunning plan taking shape.

My new Cowboy Ukulele

I've only gone and bought myself another uke! Yes, I know... as if I haven't got enough already!

I just couldn't help myself. When I spotted this little beauty earlier this week, I just had to have it. Get this... I don't even know the brand. If you know, then please drop me a comment. And I pretty much bought this one blind over the internet! Crazy fool!

I'm calling the new instrument my "Cowboy Uke" for reasons that will become obvious soon...

I've snaffled this wonderful picture from ukulala. Sadly, it looks like the blog is no longer being updated. This is a cowboy uke, but it's not my cowboy uke.