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31 December 2013

King Uke on 2013

We've reached the end of another fun-packed year at the Ukulele Blog. There have been highs and there have been highs. Time for a festive round-up!

Bring on 2014!

24 December 2013

Lullaby of Christmas Eve (2013)

I really didn't want to break my tradition of producing a Christmas song in time for Christmas day. I thought I'd left it too late this year, but what do you know... I pulled it out of the bag with hours to spare! Ha ha. Not bad considering that that I only started trying to think up a tune this morning. I had it written and recorded in less than 4 hours. Perhaps I'd have done a better job if I'd taken my time over it ;-)

Do you recognise this picture? Oh Santa! You're not a cowboy! 

21 December 2013

How to clean a Trumpet

I tried to get my son J-Uke into ukulele, but it's never taken off. He's got two and they're never out of their boxes. What a shame! He likes the idea of playing one, but it just hasn't clicked for him. Earlier this year he got the opportunity to have a go at learning the trumpet at school. I'm pleased to say that he's never looked back!

J-Uke's Grandma bought this trumpet in a charity shop in Pontefract when I took her to the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival in October. She gave it to J-Uke just recently. Unfortunately, it wouldn't produce a note. I joked that it probably had a pea stuck in it. I promised that I'd clean it and we'd see whether I could get it playing. I've never done anything like this before. What a great little project. In typical style, I've captured what I did for you. Did I get it working? Read on...

15 December 2013

Christmas Give-away!!!

I hinted that I might have some freebies for you and I was right! Ho ho ho. Just call me King Crimbo!

I'm so happy that I could hula like Santa!

14 December 2013

Baubles for Young Maids

I'm conscious that I haven't done a great deal with the blog recently. I've been busy. It's that time of year where work goes crazy and home is a mad dash for Christmas. Today's update is loosely based upon spending money like it's going out of fashion, oh yes, and Crimbo.

Yes, I'm still convinced that I'm a highwayman. Ha ha. I am soooo easily lead you wouldn't believe.