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25 February 2014

How to hang a Ukulele

It's been a while since I talked about ukuleles on this blog. Let's rectify this! Today, I'm going to ponder a couple of options for hanging your ukulele.

Hanging ukuleles doesn't have to be a nightmare. Hold this thought...

24 February 2014

Time's a Changin'

I said I wouldn't do any more comic-making, and it appears that I lied!

You will remember the fun that I had producing the "Bad Moon" comic just recently. I put it together and published it over the space of a couple of months. Not bad! I see that it is now listed on Lulu, iBookstore and Nook and that I am well on my way to making my first million! Ha ha!

Below is a new chapter that follows on some time after the story that ended in Bad Moon. It introduces a new character... the mysterious Mr Paris. This is a first draft, so I reserve the right to alter any or all of it. I wonder what happens next?

A Taste of London

I'm going to sneak in a quick post here with some snaps I took over the weekend on a flying visit to London. Most are from the Natural History Museum, but quite a few were taken in the Tower of London. A great time was had by all! Enjoy...

Carving of an astronomical globe left by Hew Draper. Hew (or Hugh) was imprisoned in Salt Tower in 1561 as a suspected sorcerer. Like many prisoners before and after him, he left his mark on the walls of his cell. Hew was a Bristol Innkeeper. No record is kept of what happened to him following his incarceration.

9 February 2014

Kazoo like nobody's listening...

I've noticed a trend over the last year for reviving the Kazoo. It's very popular with ukers who are wanting to add something a little different to their songs. Some really pull it off, getting sounds that aren't a million miles away from that of a trumpet. Surely I couldn't let this fad pass me by?

I've never actually ever played a Kazoo before...

Look what I bought on ebay - a second-hand kazoo. It works too! Everyone except for Mrs Uke seems happy with my new purchase. 

6 February 2014

Hologram Earth - Systematic Disorder

Do you remember a post I wrote some time back about a Progressive Metal band called Hologram Earth? I really did have a lot of fun reviewing their debut EP. It is simply outstanding and remains one of my all-time favourite ways of scaring the children (that, and parading about the house in my Highwayman outfit). Ha ha. All of that last sentence is true!

Look at this fan-art I've produced to celebrate frontman Michiel Meurs. In their new single we see a softer, more cuddly side to Holland's son of Satan.