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23 March 2014

Rob Stenson - Gold Mountain EP (2013)

I'm having a bit of an obsessive interlude. This week I've found it hard to think about anything other than banjos. You can blame +shankti oviedo for this... He showed me a video by a remarkable gentleman by the name of Rob Stenson and the rest, as they say, is history...

Rob Stenson - Gold Mountain EP (Vulf Records - 0003)

I've tried to get hold of Rob Stenson to ask him a few questions, but so far, no dice. This is a video of what may well be the whole Gold Mountain EP being played in someone's back yard. It's brilliant! I love all the ambient interference. Somewhere into the second song you even have a cameo from a yapping dog. It's been driving my own yapping dog nuts trying to figure out where the sound is coming from. Ha ha. Here's a link to itunes where you can buy the EP. This is raw, live clawhammer banjo at its uncut best. Go buy it and see for yourself.

16 March 2014

A Rose by Any Other Name

I'm pleased to release another installment of my comic! Today we welcome back an old friend and a few questions from chapter one are answered. If you want to read some of the backstory then check out chapter one here, and of course, be sure to read book one "Bad Moon" for the appetiser.

The story continues...

8 March 2014

Massimo Belardinelli

You might have noticed earlier this week that I declared the 2nd of March to be Massimo Belardinelli Day and started the hashtag #massimobelardinelli in honour of this great man. Missed it? Shame on you!

It all started here. Look at this impressive collection of 2000AD annuals I've amassed. As a youth I collected loads of the original comics and my Biker mum simply gave them all away when I wasn't looking! Can you believe it! All these (except for the 1982 annual) have been acquired since about Christmas time. There's more too that aren't pictured! Oh dear, oh dear! Ha ha. I have been having sooo much fun reading them, you wouldn't believe!

1 March 2014

Knife (Sub-Version)

I've been desperate to record some music and this seemed like the easiest way of getting something down. I'm pleased to release a busking version of the number 1 cowboy tune of all time... Knife... a tune that I penned with fellow Outlaw, El Pancho!

Knife originally had the working title of "Knife-Thrower Blues". I just couldn't resist this picture.