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13 July 2014

The Black Pirate

I did it! I finally published my second comic! Say hello to The Black Pirate...

The Black Pirate is part two in the Bad Moon series. It follows on from where Bad Moon leaves off. Were you wondering what happened next? Well, now you can find out! This installment has a similar look and feel to the first comic, but I'd like to think that it is different enough to keep things interesting. I've tried to raise the bar in terms of artwork and story-telling. Have I succeeded? I'll let you be the judge of that.

You can download The Black Pirate FREE from Lulu right now! Over the coming weeks I hope that it will become available in a heap of other places too. Keep your eyes peeled.

6 July 2014

Marvin Walker

Today I continue my infrequent series on luthiers who amaze and inspire me. Today's post is on a gentleman called Marvin Walker. I had the good fortune of meeting Marvin just recently after he dropped a comment on this blog. The topic of conversation was Dixie banjoleles, but it wasn't long before we were talking builds. It turns out that Marvin has used the Dixie pot as the basis of a couple of his early builds. That's pretty interesting, but nowhere near as interesting as some of the other things he's been up to! ;-)

Here's "Marvelous" Marvin Walker hard at work shaping the neck on his last build. Why is it that when I do this sort of thing that I end up covered in sawdust. Marvin's spotless.... he's got the magic touch for sure! :-)

The observant amongst you will have already spotted a key detail in the picture above that demands explanation. See the neck. It looks sort of concert ukulele scale, but hold on a second... what's that odd lump half way up?

YES! This is a banjo neck! But it isn't a neck for any old ordinary banjo... this is for a mini banjo!