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10 October 2014

"Dead Hand" is published!

I'm extremely proud to announce that I've published part 3 in the Bad Moon comic series. As is customary, you're welcome to the launch party and it's happening right here!

All of the Bad Moon series is available for FREE download, right now.

You can get part 1 from the following places:
"Bad Moon" on Lulu
"Bad Moon" on iTunes
"Bad Moon" on Barnes & Noble
"Bad Moon" on Kobo
"Bad Moon" on Amazon

You can get part 2 from the following places:
"The Black Pirate" on Lulu
"The Black Pirate" on iTunes
"The Black Pirate" on Barnes & Noble
"The Black Pirate" on Kobo
"The Black Pirate" on Amazon

Part 3 is working its way through the system as I write. If I remember, I'll come back and update this post with links, but so far you can get it from the following places:
"Dead Hand" on Lulu
"Dead Hand" on iTunes
"Dead Hand" on Kobo
"Dead Hand" on Amazon

4 October 2014


I've been desperate to do this post for some time. I can almost guarantee that it will be a bit of a shambles.

Welcome to the latest installment in my quest to uncover comic excellence. Today I discuss the intergalactic phenomenon that is John Prophet.

I'll come clean and reveal that I didn't have a scooby doo what Prophet was about when I bought it. Yep, I'd figured out that it was some sort of sci-fi series, but beyond that... nothing. I'd spotted it on ebay; Someone was selling volumes 1, 2 and 3 as a bundle. I am so glad that I bought them! I'm not going to review any one of the books for you right now, but instead give you a feel for the overall series.

I've read Remission, Brothers and Empire and also flicked through a free online copy of Strikefile #1. I know that the strikefile is meant to act as a bit of an introduction, but my advice would be to skip it and dive right in.

All these comics have been published by Image Comics.