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24 December 2015


For the past couple of weeks I've been embroiled in a bitter war over the internet. Our weapons were banjos and the prize was none other than Spirit of Christmas itself. Have I ever told you how easily-led I am? Co-collaborator Jake Tolbert challenged me to something he called #ChristmasShootout on Google+. I couldn't resist.

"Sunny Japan: Our Greatest Xmas Show for Boys and Girls" 

22 December 2015

Of Quadrants and Sextants

Given the close proximity, it seems odd that I've never been to Newcastle. I've passed through loads of times on the train, but for reasons I can't explain, I've never ventured into the centre to have a look around. This weekend I fixed this! Today's post is inspired by some of my adventures...

As soon as I walked out of the train station I felt myself falling for Newcastle. The Architecture of the town is amazing. Everything brims with history and it seems to me that every nook and cranny hints at some great long-forgotten story.

You know when things just happen? When one lucky happenstance leads on to another, and another, and another? I live for these moments. I've learnt that the trick is to realise when one of these wonderful events is unfolding and to grab onto it with both hands.

It happened this weekend. Here's how it began:

I had stopped to take a picture of the stonework above when a gentleman popped his head around the corner and said: "Do you want to take a look inside?"