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18 September 2016

Who Framed King Uke?

I've hinted that I'd been making picture frames in recent blog posts. It's time I gave you a little more info on my latest project...

Regular readers of this blog are sick to death of my lino-print obsession. The final piece of the jigsaw has been to frame a couple, just because I can. The first print I wanted to have a go at framing is this one. I call this picture "Midnight at the Alhambra" and is a firm favourite of mine. It comes from my latest comic "Locus Solus" which is still free to download and enjoy from all good bookstores... and a few rubbish ones too ;-)

11 September 2016

The Hunt for Blamire Young

Do you remember me talking about Blamire Young? It was Blamire whose wonderful Fawkner Press woodcuts inspired me to start capturing a few ideas for a new comic in a lino-cut style. With these two simple pictures, Blamire managed to poor petrol on the flames of my new obsession. Fantastic!

I knew of William Blamire Young as an Australian, but imagine my surprise to discover last week that he was born in Yorkshire in a town called Londesborough (in East Yorkshire to be precise). It so happens that I live quite near to Londesborough and you know what? I've never been there! That all changed last weekend.

Here are the Fawkner Press Prints I mentioned. Aren't they great!

You might think that the hunt for Blamire Young is code for a quest for lino-cut excellence, and it is, but it is also a quest for Blamire Young. I wondered if I would find any hints of his starting out life in Londesborough. Would one of Australia's most significant and influential artists have a gold letterbox on the high-street? Perhaps there would be a statue of him in the village green resplendent in a towering top hat, arm outstretched, pointing East?

There was only one way to find out...

3 September 2016

Have Router Table will Bevel

I'm terrified of routers... I mean really terrified!

My last one died on me and I couldn't have been happier to throw it away. It might surprise you to learn then, that I have bought another. I've had it for a month or so and it's never been out of the box. In fact, I really never had any intention of ever taking it out of its box.

That is until I got this crazy idea to make some picture frames. Perhaps, if I made a router table, things would be a lot easier? Perhaps I could tame the router? First things first... I needed to make a router table...

Before I go any further I want to show you this video of +Daniel Hulbert at the Utah Ukulele Festival. If you've ever watched any of Daniel's videos then you'll recognise the wonderful little tune he's playing; it forms a soundtrack to a number of his videos. What you have here though is a version that incorporates some words that I wrote. Yes... I did a rendition of Daniel's song (you can read all about that project and hear my version on this blog post) and now Daniel has done a rendition of my rendition. Wow!

Personally, I am in awe... What a beautiful version. Well done!