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19 March 2017

How to make a King-B Piezo Booster Pedal

Can you spot the subtle difference in title from the last post I made on this blog? My last post talks at length about my success in making an impedance handling buffer pedal specifically targeted for use with Piezo pickups. Today's post talks about my trials and tribulations in my quest to make a Booster pedal (again specifically targeted at Piezo pickups). This new project  really pushed me to my limits as I hit problem after problem. I persevered and the results are well worth the effort! Pretty much everything that could go wrong did and a few more things besides. I'll try and remember it all for you below... Who ever learnt anything from getting it right all of the time anyway?

Before we get stuck in, let's take a quick look at my latest lino-cut. This is one I'm calling "King-Z" and is inspired by my King-Z circuit and how I laid out the actual board for that project. I used a little artistic license here and there, but I'm pleased with the end result. The world needs more circuit-inspired art! Go make it!